Our Vision

Eye care being a service where there is lot of scope for the best service to be provided using not only latest but best technologies, employing professionals not only experienced but also compassionate and to be a patient-centric care, here at Harsha Sai Hospital we envisage to pioneer and to be frontrunner in Eye Care domain.


Years of Experience


Thousand sq. ft. Campus


thousands Cataract surgeries Performed


thousands Topical Phaco Surgeries


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Welcome To Harsha Sai Eye Hospital

We Are Trusted The Best Certificate Healthcare

Dr. D Keerthi Kumar is an Ophthalmologist specialising in Topical Phaco and Lasik surgeries, in Nizamabad (Telangana), at the Harsha Sai Eye Hospital. Dr. Keerthi Kumar's qualifications include an MBBS from Gandhi Medical College and an MS (Ophthalmology) from Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, both of which are located in Hyderabad.

Practising since the last 15 years in Nizamabad, Dr. Keerthi Kumar has performed more than 30,000 cataract surgeries and is a pioneer in topical phaco surgeries in Nizamabad (Infinity Phaco and Abbot Sovereign Compact Phaco) since last three years. Dr. Keerthi Kumar is also experienced and skilled in Lasik and ICL surgery.

Our Ophthalmologists and staff offer outstanding, personalized eye care for patients of all ages. Patients have access to the most advanced eye treatment options and a team of experts in various specialties dedicated to keeping your eyes healthy. Our patient-centric approach is a model of care that strengthens the doctor-patient relationship through trust, accessibility, and safety.

We have been awarded The Quality Management system by ROHS certification Pvt. Ltd.

Chairman's Message

We are an outcome of 20 years of passion, experience, and skills backed by dedication delivering.... Simply Eye Care.

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Our Mission

To create a benchmark by constantly adopting methods and processes which focus on “The Patient First” attitude and upgrading not only our knowledge with excellent professionals but also adopting latest technology so therefore being “The Center par Excellence” in Eye Care.


Respect to the caretakers is what comes natural with Harsha Sai Hospital as we earned thatt over years of service to the community.


Time in general is critical in all aspects, especially in health care and predominantly in eye care it cannot be second, time is a factor which Harsha Sai Hospital respects and thinks is essential component of care we provide.

Patient Safety

Issues faced by population sometime mainly reflects the lack of safety precautions or negligence can get people into situations so Harsha Sai Hospital gives atmost priority to safety and being in Eye Care domain which demands at most safety, we critically give preference to safety.

Team Work

The service is as good as the people who provide it, here at Harsha Sai Hospital we work as a team to keep the service up to mark and patient's care comes first as we have professional handling all issues of Eye Care.


All issues related that can be internal or external to any Care provider is only as good as the final care that a patient gets barring all other issues, we at Harsha Sai Hospital recognize this and keep the services all time and always patient centric.


Our staff do always focus on patient first attitude as we believe not only being professional but also employ professionals who do not hesitate to go that extra mile to provide care to our patient.